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Offshore "Steel Giant" Transforms to "Green Giant"

As the shipbuilding industry enters a new stage of high-quality development, the demand for structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading is even stronger, and the concept of new quality productivity has an important guiding role for the shipbuilding industry to better carry out scientific and technological innovation work. 2024, CSBC Dalian focuses on the concept of "Three Wins", adheres to the creation of value, strengthens its R&D and innovation capability, and promotes the development of products to high-end, intelligent and green development by continuously cultivating new quality productivity. In 2024, Dalian Shipbuilding will focus on the concept of "three wins", adhere to value creation, strengthen its R&D and innovation capability, and promote the development of high-end, intelligent and green products by continuously cultivating new quality productivity, so as to move steadily and steadily forward on the "fast lane" of high-quality development.

Source: CCTV News

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