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Delivery, Undocking and Floating! Speed up Shipbuilding in DSIC Tianjin


On March 28, No.7 16,000TEU container ship "MSC LELLA" built for Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.by DSIC Tianjin and China Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd.(CSTC) was jointly named and delivered 63 days ahead of the annual plan and 140 days ahead of the contract period.

During the construction process of the vessel, all departments of DSIC Tianjin cooperated closely and actively implemented the concept of "service + management". It only took 84 days from undocking to sea trial, which was 48 days ahead of the annual plan, and significantly shorter than that of similar ships. Delivery was achieved within 16 days after the trial.

The successful delivery of the vessel not only highlights the maturity and progress of DSIC Tianjin in container ship shipbuilding technology, but also highlights the professional spirit and professionalism of all the staff who dare to work hard and make continuous breakthroughs. DSIC Tianjin will continue to actively practice the "win-win-win" concept and promote the company to realize high-quality development.

Out of dock and half ship floating

On March 29, DSIC Tianjin completed undocking for No.3 85,000dwt bulk carrier, and achieved half-ship floating for No.4 85,000dwt bulk carrier .

No.3 85,000dwt bulk carrier is the first 85,000dwt bulk carrier built by DSIC Tianjin for GOLDEN OCEAN. During the shipbuilding in dock, DSIC Tianjin successfully realized the power generating motorized vehicle and on-board anchor motorized anchor operation, completed the hatch enclosure welding, leveling and delivery inspection, made every effort to ensure the integrity of the regional construction, completed the nacelle docking into the paint beforehand, and successfully realized the task of the nacelle whitening for the ship, which provided good construction and inspection environment for system inspection, and received favorable comments and praise from the shipowner and ship inspection.

In order to ensure the successful half-ship floating of No. 4 85,000dwt bulk carrier , all departments strictly implemented the "small schedule plan for above-water construction" to ensure the efficient operation of the team. In response to the difficulties on site, the management personnel at all levels actively faced, deeply discussed and efficiently solved the problems, laying a solid foundation for improving quality and efficiency of the subsequent ship construction.

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